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IRADUKUNDA BIZIMANA Gilbert is a Rwandan contemporary artist and a published author who was born and raised up in Kigali city of Rwanda on 26th, June, 1996 after the massacre of 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and he is the second child in family of five children. He was in primary four, when he discovered that he had drawing talent. And after he met Laurent Hategekimana (sculptor artist) who was a friend of his family and begun to get some drawings skills with him. After ordinary level studies at Gahini secondary school, in 2012, Gilbert begun his studies of graphic arts at Nyundo School of arts and Music and in 2014 graduated with high distinction. He has worked with different international and local artists and his techniques are semi realism, mixed media, and acrylics on canvas. By now, Gilbert works predominantly in a medium of painting, writing, and illustration but includes photography in his large scale of installation. In 2015, in partnership with mudacumura publishing house, he published his first book “Impano idasanzwe” and His writings based on children stories. He is young talented artist and His dreams is to share his experience with young generation. By now, he is volunteering at love the kids foundation where he give arts lessons to children.
Gilbert begun his arts career as professional in 2014 and he lives and works in Kigali,Rwanda. IRADUKUNDA B. Gilbert