Artist Statement

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With acrylics and oils, I paint what is in the beauty of nature and culture. Sometimes, I paint fast and slow. It depends on what project I'm working on right now. So, I paint quickly with a kind of frenzy, a desire to have finished, which leaves me on the side after a session of three hours. I paint with acrylics which is a medium for the close people, quickly put, quickly dry, quickly reprimanded. But I'm not afraid of running out of time so I try to get my work done. For a long time, I was interested with landscapes and living models, then I started to paint materials by doing mixed media and installations. On the surface of the painting, we can guess the collages, residues of imported images comes brings objects memories forms, faces that enrich the subject. I privilege more and more large format that facilitates me to realize my idea. So, I paint my life, relationships with other snatches, memories of places but also fictions. I live my painting, invent my memories and tell my intimate life to lose nothing. IRADUKUNDA B. Gilbert